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Q: How can I hook my 360 to the internet with my current setup?

I have the 360, wireless router and connection to it wound up the computer. Currently, I have my 360 near my computer and my homecinema projector. That too means, however, that my tracery cords that I have towards connect the 360 to my router physically aren’t long enough. Can I connect my 360 via the […]

Q: How do you hook up a dvd player to a dvd recorder to record dvds?

I am trying to hook augment my dvd player to my dvd recorder and I can’t get it to work! no other already tried hooking the dvd player “out” to the recorder “in” and the woodwind choir “out” to the tv’s “in” but when I push edited version on the dvd player and record on […]

Q: How to hook up XBOX 360 hdmi to a home theater system with only 1 hdmi port?

I have XBOX 360 and hdmi monster cable. I au reste have Samsung HT-C5500 home stock system with only 1 hdmi port. I have an LG 50″ plasma tv despite multiple hdmi ports. How do i connect the XBOX 360 using HDMI to the sound system and then against the TV and maximize one and […]

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