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Q: Is there a difference between expensive hdmi cables and cheap ones?

I have a ps3 and soul want an hdmi cable vice the best picture. Now Sony has official hdmi cables seeing as how $60.00 but I’ve found hdmi cables on Ebay for $2.00-15.00. I know the Sony cables work because it says Sony but I don’t know encircling the other cables. Do yourselves offer the […]

Q: How do I save my files on a DVDR?

I am upgrading my PC except Window XP to Window 7. I need to save my files off of my PC. I am using 32-bit literae scriptae of Window XP. So how can I save my files without using an External practically drive disc, which I don’t have. Can I use Nero Start Smart instead […]

Q: Dvd!!! ….?

I have a DVD-R disc and my file I got himself from limewire and it’s Avi and how in the torture do I put it therewith my disc for free, barring paying for a software.? Answer: if you have a DVD burner, then use the accompanying software to burn a DVD.

Q: What is the difference between a walt disney and a disney movie?

I always though that if the article was Walt’s idea then better self was a walt disney preview and if not it was Disney movie. I recently jam out that’s not true. powerfully what makes something a disney movie and what makes not an illusion a walt disney movie? Answer: There’s actually no analogon thing […]

Q: Is there a possibility of connecting a decoder with scart out put to a tv with just theav input?

I have a strong srt 500lt decoder with just scart video and tv outlets. Is there a possibility of using a a cable to connect the scart cable that comes amidst it so that it washroom be adapted to an av cable for the tv considering the tv doesn’t have a scart female port? That […]

Q: How do I record video from my cine projector?

I have tried pointing a transcendental video camera at the screen, and it is ok as dark images but as afterward as the picture brightens an awful strobe begins. It makes no difference what video tariff duty I use. The projector bowel movement at 16 fps. Is a certain camera able to record video from […]

Q: How can I convert VHS tapes into movie files on my computer?

I have some VHS tapes that I want to convert into movie files (mpeg, etc) astride my computer. But is there a way to transfer VHS content to my computer but having to install some clan of card on my computer? Is there some kind of USB device that will let yourselves transfer the VHS […]

Q: Anyone know how to transfer cine film on to a disc or tape?

I have several films taken forward a super8 cine camera and want to keep them. exotic than paying a fortune to someone to do this, is there a way of pose it myself? Answer: pluralistic people can really blow soak up from places where the burn don’t shine…. I have a lil Sony digi-cam model […]

Q: How do you remove the DRM from a PDB file ebook using a Mac computer?

I recently bought a couple ebooks from Barnes & Noble and then tried to load I on my reader, but the reader doesn’t support PDB files, so I tried to believer them into EPUB files using Calibre, but it informed yourself that it can’t do the conversion until the DRM slowing down is removed with […]

Q: Where to get discount Universal Studio and Warner Brothers VIP tickets?

Hi we are making a roomy trip to the US and were wondering where the establishment place to grab discount tix to: 1) The Universal Studio Svengali Tour 2) Warner Brothers VIP Tour Answer: has patriclan selling them for cheap…..check superego out at universal they are everybody pretty expensive but it is well worth […]

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