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Void Agreements Ppt

15 Suite: -Interest rate agreements that involve illegal gambling, betting or lotteries – agreements that negatively affect marriage 11 DISTINCTION BETWEEN VOID ANDVOIDABLE CONTRACTSIs valid if concluded, but which subsequently become unenforceable for certain reasons. An invalid contract expires at the instigation of the victim and therefore remains valid until such termination. Void and Voidable Agreement: An agreement that is not applicable by law is considered non-applicable. A no-go agreement has no legal effect and does not confer the right on the parties. 10 WHAT IS A “VOID CONTRACT”? Article 2, point (j) A contract that is no longer enforceable by law expires when it is no longer enforceable. 4 ACCORDS ON THE PUBLIC POLITICALIn public policy matters Trade with hostile prosecutions Maintenance and transport champerty with regard to the creation of a public service agreement tends to result in the creation of an interest against mandatory stem marriage agreements agreement to influence the Creation of Monopoly Agreements Elections to the Public Offer Agreement restricting personal freedom convention that will intervene in marital duties 5 The following agreements are declared nullified by the Indian contract law: VOID AGREEMENT All agreements cannot be implemented. Under Section 2 (g), an uneasy agreement is not applicable. Such an agreement has no definitive consequences and is null and void from the outset. The following agreements are struck down by the Indian Contract Act: 1. Agreement by incompetent parties (p. 11). 2. Agreement reached as part of a reciprocal factual error (section 20).

3. the agreement, consideration or object that is unlawful (Article 23). 4. agreements, considerations or objects that are partly illegal (p. 24). 5. Agreements concluded without consideration (p. 25).

6. Marriage Restriction Agreements (p. 26). Trade Restriction Agreement (p. 27). 8. Agreements to limit judicial proceedings (p. 28). 9.

Agreements of uncertain importance (p. 29). 10. Betting agreements (p. 30). 11. Agreements on impossible acts (Article 56). 8 EXAMPLES OF VOID ACCORD The agreement on the detention of judicial proceedings is null and void.

(p. 28) An agreement whose terms are uncertain is undying. (p. 29) A bet(bet/bet) agreement is not valid. (Sec 30) An agreement that depends on the arrival of an impossible event is non-concluding. (p. 36) The agreement of an impossible act is an inconclusive act. (p. 56) 6 ALL CONTRATS ARE VALID WHEN MADEWe also say null and null contracts… What is it? As has already been defined, all contracts are valid when they are concluded.

The applicability of contracts would be changed if other factual/indirect elements appeared. Empty, non-multi-sizzle agreement Inapplicable agreement: an agreement that is not applicable in court due to technical failures is classified as an unenforceable agreement. Example: Agreements concluded without registration or not of the necessary stamp duty. The betting contract is null and void and is not illegal, a collateral contract may be imposed by law. COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS AND WAGERS The intention to bet must be between the two parties. If only one of the parties to the agreement intended that the agreement should be reached for the payment of disputes and that other parties were not aware of the fact, the agreement is applicable. LOTTERY: – If a betting transaction is equivalent to a lottery, it is illegal and punishable according to Sec 294-A of the Indian Penal Code. WAGER – INSURANCE CONTRACTS An insurance contract is not a gamble, although it is feasible in the event of an uncertain event.

That is because the parties are interested in it.

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