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Us Romania Defense Cooperation Agreement

These historical anecdotes correspond to statistical patterns. Chart 2 shows the relationship between CAD and a large number of defence and security outcomes. The graph shows that after signing a DCA, Dyads are more likely to contribute together to peacekeeping missions; Participate more in joint military exercises to cooperate on the same side of a militarized intergovernmental conflict (MID); less likely to fight directly in an MID; to become more involved in the arms trade; and to have more cooperative interactions in general, as defined in the Integrated Early Crisis Warning System (ICEM). The related work uses a battery of network selection and co-evolution models to address omitted potential variables, reverse causes, statistical dependencies and other threats to the conclusion, and finds that the baseline models shown in Figure 2 are extremely robust. Footnote 28 In short, DCAs have a strong influence on defense and security outcomes. In DCA networks, the tale closure means that i and J are more likely to work together when they sign the two DCAs with a common third k. As with the preferred installation, this influence of networks depends on the information mechanisms. If trust is not diffuse, but is specific to bilateral relations, a country`s countless DCA links do not provide credible information to others about their reliability, unless these links are relevant to potential partners. Figure 5 (b) shows how the presence of multiple k-partners between i and j 1 allows these third parties to “communicate” the signals generated by the respective DCAs of i and j 1. When signing a DCA with k, I inc myself inc`t involve costs that are rooted in the inherent risks of defence cooperation. These costs in turn signal the safety of k partners, including j 1.

The determining factor that makes the DCA ik informative for j 1 is the DCA between k and j 1. As a k partner, j 1 is immediately familiar with k`s risk propensity, its standards for evaluating defence partners and its expectations for mutual cooperation – information that, if j 1 were simply a disconnected bystander like j 2, would be more difficult to access. Therefore, the agreement with i is both expensive and a confirmation signal. Footnote 91 Not only am I willing to risk cooperation, but j 1 also finds that its own trusted defense partners have confirmed the reliability of i. Footnote 92 “The acquisition of modern and relevant skills is proof of the seriousness with which Romania sees its defence and security role in the region,” Said Ciuca. The growing importance of CAD is reflected in the controversy they sometimes generate. In 1998, the Slovenian Prime Minister faced impeachment proceedings with Israel for a DCA. Footnote 2 An agreement between Belarus and Iran in 2007 provoked public condemnation from the United States and the European Union. Footnote 3 A 1996 DCA between Greece and Armenia led a Turkish government spokesman to accuse Greece of “threatening peace and stability in the region” and of trying to “surround Turkey”. Footnote 4 And a 1995 agreement between Australia and Indonesia proved so controversial that it was not denounced until four years later. Footnote 5 Combined with the theory of cooperation, these historical reports translate into a basket of simple empirical expectations.

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