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Universidad De Sevilla Erasmus Learning Agreement

An outdated system, teachers who have no interest in what we learn, need a little modernization. Divisions faced, mismanagement, subjects with 85% of failures. He`s got good greenhouses. Transcript for vengono inviati dall`Ufficio di Relazioni Internazionali alla tua University non appena il professore avrré registrato i voti sul verbal. Dato l`elevato numero di studenti erasmus, il documento non potré essere inviato immediatamente. In caso di urgenza scrivere a Non spetta alla facolté di filologia inviare i suddetti certificati. Ti preghiamo a questo proposito di rivolgerti all`Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali. Puoi stampare una copia provvisoria dei voti al sito della Segreteria Virtuale (Secreta Virtuale), accedendo con il tuo UVUS, per stampare un documento informativo da consegnare provvisoriamente alla tua universit. Nel caso in cui ci fossero errori relativi alla votazione ottenuta, puoi contattare direttamente il professore. Non dimenticare di prendere nota del nome del professore e dell`indirizzo di posta elettronica, o di consultare queste informazioni sul sito della facolté. Students of the University of Seville can choose from a series of 65 subjects and have a wide selection of sports and academic facilities at their disposal, such as the library, which contains a whopping 777,000 volumes. The various amenities are distributed among the different campuses of the university and are, with the excellent reputation of the university, a strong attraction for international students (the Institute has agreements with fifteen other organizations in the world) as well as Spanish students. But above all, the main objective of the University of Seville is to produce students who advance scientific and technological innovation as a whole.

A quali materie stink iscriversi uno studente Erasmus? Come studente erasmus puoi scegliere : – Materie del primo, secondo, terzo e quarto anno di tutti i nostri corsi di primo livello: Recording procedure: ERASMUS STUDENTS REGISTRATION PROCEDURES: Recording is done in person at the International Center (Avda). Ciudad Jardén, 20-22). It is very important to do this immediately so that you can get your UVUS (Virtual User from the University of Seville) as quickly as possible. This way, you can access the virtual learning platform and all university services. FOLLOW THESE REGISTER STEPS: 1. If necessary, seek the help of the professor coordinating the bilateral agreement with your university in our faculty to choose your courses. You can find his contact information here or on the wall of the International Relations Office in our centre. 2. The International Center processes the registration and generates a payment receipt (called “pago carta”) that you can sign and keep. This document contains all your academic information, including assigned groups, and displays a fee of 6.82 euros to pay for compulsory student health insurance and for your student card. This payment is made at a branch of Banco de Santander by handing over the payment voucher, as well as the amount stated above. REGISTRATION MODIFICATIONS: Visit our Erasmus window to find out what changes you need on your registration form.

Don`t forget to enter the course code number and the group. Courses from other centres or faculties are requested at the International Centre within the deadline. Student health insurance is only payable for the first time. Transcripts of recordings are sent by the Office of International Relations to your university as soon as the professors have published the notes. Given the high number of Erasmus students per year, it usually takes them some time. In case of emergency, you can write to,, Before leaving Seville, it is recommended to confirm that your group is correct and that you have all the signatures on your learning agreement.

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