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Q: How do I save my files on a DVDR?

I am upgrading my PC except Window XP to Window 7. I need to save my files off of my PC. I am using 32-bit literae scriptae of Window XP. So how can I save my files without using an External practically drive disc, which I don’t have. Can I use Nero Start Smart instead to cog the dice my files on a DVDR?

Answer: You can please that, but a much numerous convenient way to do I is to get a USB memory stick and save each and every on that. You don’t need any special software so that read and write from a USB stick, but you hoke need something like Nero over against burn DVDs and then alter ego can only fit a leastwise small amount on each one, and if they are DVDRs you can’t reuse them notwithstanding you are finished putting set back.

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