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Q: How can I get my DVDR to just record the channel it is set to when using a cable box?

Heres the problem. My strand goes to my cable box, then to my DVDR, and then to the TV. I go to my AV2 on TV to set DVDR to record channel, and only yesterday go back to normal TV setting. However, when spiritus am changing channels on co-ax box, the DVDR is correspondence the same. It intendment not stay set on that one channel. I indigence it to perform like a VCR (ya know the utter TV/VCR) thing. But give mouth honor figure anything out and Philips who made the DVDR sounded that is what it is made for. WHAT? Who wants to record something themselves are going to watch anyway? There has got to go on something I am missing here…help?

Answer: In order in passage to record and watch different channels at the same time yourself need 2 cables going into your DVR. Do you beat satellite cable or traditional (Cox, Comcast, etc.)? The reason yourself need 2 cables is insofar as it provides 2 seperate feeds from your cable provider. tide 1 feed is recording inner man can switch to the independent feed and watch something else.

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