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Q: what are the basic equipments for making a shot film. not using cine camera what is the best video option.?

i want to buy some clearing the decks to produce some short films. i have $ 7500 and i dont know the uppermost things i can buy on foot this range. so please stipend me to buy camera, lighting, sound, tri pods and isolated cruicial equipments. I dont intending to use a cine camera. is it beta cameras are ideal for my purpose.

Answer: You could almost reach a Canon XL-H1 for that. You could either collect a little more money and go that route, or calm down for a DV camera as though the XL-2 or GL-2. Be sure that you flake off a decent shotgun mic — if it costs less otherwise about $1000, it’s not what you want — and a proper boom for it.

Depending hereinafter how long your shoot is, you might consider renting lights, tripods, etc. It’s a lot of stuff to store, you don’t need it ne plus ultra the time, and the rentals are usually pretty cheap. It’s worth buying a camera, because you’re going to pinch a lot of time at any cost it to get familiar next to how it works, but the rest of the stuff I’d rent.

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