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Q: How to connect my laptop to my tv using a vga to scart cable?

Hi, I have a tv except for a vga cable. I would like to connect my laptop to it so that heart may extend my desktop. no end to do this i bought a scart to vga cable. I connected them together and my laptop detected it fine. However, the picture will not display on my tv. Instead there is just lines beyond my tv. Can anyone help?

Answer: Step 1: frontal you need to determine what output on the pc and what input on the tv you are going to use. (HDMI, DVI, VGA, or S-Video.)You are looking to see if your TV and PC recognize one of the connections for both. Almost all computers be in for have a VGA, and practically all TV’s should have a s-video. (You can purchase a VGA to S-Video adapter if your TV and PC don’t have like connections.)
Step 2: S-Video Connection- After you have secure the cable you are hopeless to use plug one sportsman into your PC and the other into the back about your TV. (Any input is okay on the back speaking of the TV)
Step 3: DVI Connection- Turn your TV on and change it to the entree you plugged into. (On your remote or TV it need to say TV/Video, source, or input. Push this to cycle to the inputs.)
Step 4: HDMI Connection- When you get to the right input on your TV turn your computer on. they should now see your multiplier up on your TV screen.

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