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Q: How can i record tv shows to my dvdr?

my dad bought a new dvdr but the manual is forward-looking every language except english? i want to record but unit dunno how.i tried pressing the hbb(or somthing like that) howbeit i dunno wat to do.
if it helps my dvdr is phillips dvdr3460.
ps: im looking for the easiest way as im new to tech world.
i know that part but do breath of life need to be on specific channle or sellect it under way (somthing called) hbb. thxn anyway

Answer: Look for a black button with a red dot in the middle, goad it and it should start recording, but you MUST lie in a recordable DVD or something to that extent, for they to record onto. If there is no black button including a red dot, look for a button that says ‘rec’. I would suggest a DVD-RW disk to record things onto, it’ll work!

Hope this helps!

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